Landscapes Landscapes Sugar Hit Acrylic painting 101 x 76 cm on canvas Acrylic painting of a sunset over the cane fields in the tropics of far North Queensland. 196778961 Silkwood Acrylic painting 6076 cm This is the time of year I like best ! The cane is flowering and it only weeks before the harvest. 196778960 Sweet spot Acrylic painting 101 x 76 cm This is the view I enjoy from my studio and inspiration for this painting. The land , the cane, the mountains are for ever changing colours, lights and the trees are like Spirits or Beings?. 196778962 Sweet Spirits Acrylic painting 76 cm x 60 cm This is sugar cane country Far North Queensland Australia. Sunset over the ?sea of cane flowers? overlooked by the rainforest trees that have been reshaped by cyclone Yasi back in 2011. As I constantly look at the glorious view I can see them changing and growing with different shapes resembling various spirits. You might also find part of this harvest in a bottle of Rum? 196778959 Sweet Land 6050 cm acrylic painting on canvas. Represents the magnificent sun setting in the July Time over our tropical mountains forests. The Cane is in flower. The temperature is idyllic?. 196778963 Sugar fields Acrylic painting on canvas, 60 76 cm The cane is in flower and it is only days before the harvest. The sky is on fire at sunset as a result of the burning. The trees that have been cycloned twice in the past eight years have strange, spirit like shapes.... 193253604