Impressions of Far North Queensland Impressions of Far North Queensland South Johnstone Acrylic painting 101 x 76 cm Acrylic painting on canvas 101 x 76 c South Johnstone is a charming little country town of far North Queensland Australia. It is one of the only village where will you sit down at the Pub ( The Criterion Pub) or have lunch or coffee ( at Off The Rails ) and see the train going past just in the middle of the road. Sweet Sugar Town ! 196766780 Tropical Flamenco Acrylic painting 76 x 60 cm on canvas Inspired by the love story of a Spanish couple in Mena Creek... 196766784 Stiletto Jean Acrylic painting 7660 cm on canvas The time is set in the 1930s, the area Innisfail, the tale speaks of the Black Hand and one of the most famous prostitute in the Far North...Stiletto Jean.She used to work from Townsville to Cairns and was murdered aged 22 in Ayr. The legend says her beauty was absolute !This is a scene of her in Innisfail. Baiting her next customer, while her boyfriend/pimp is waiting in the car to probably offer them a ride to Lily street... 193254090 Innisfail's Blue Bird Cafe Inspired by Innisfail. A few decades younger with a "touch" of French accent... 60 x 50 acrylic stretch canvas 169545703 Innisfail Medley of famous landmarks of the Magic town of Innisfail. 60 x 50 acrylic stretch canvas 169550675 Flooded 40 x 50 acrylic stretch canvas 169550520 The Blue Bird Cafe First interpretation of the Blue Bird Cafe 40.5 cm x 30.5 cm acrylic paper 169550519 Elasticity 30 x 40 cm acrylic canvas 169624035 Lily Street A theatrical interpretation of the Old days on Lily St. 40 x 50 acrylic stretch canvas 169624319 The art Deco Choir Acrylic painting 40 x 50 cm on canvas Medley of surreal and abstract art deco building inspired by Innisfail 196766884